Our Team


After completing his education, Mr. Debajyoti Ghosh found his calling in Bengali theatre. He began his career in 1994, with acting as well as directing plays. His creative capabilities touched new heights and added to his credentials in the next 5 years.1999 saw a slight change of plans for Ghosh. He joined RPG Netcom, an RPG GROUP venture as a leading Radio Jockey of RADIO SNAP. Later he went on to become the Programming Head for the station till 2004. Subsequently he started his own studio and production unit which has grown in leaps and bounds. But the creative person that he is Debjyoti never sat back to relax.Instead he stared writing and directing TV commercials and corporate films with gusto.In the last two years he has directed projects (TVC’s and Corporate films) for esteemed clients like ITC, LincPens, Darshan Agarbatti, Shalimar, SunriseSpices, Baidyanath, Skipper & Utkarsh and a host of other regional clients. The brands handled by him have really done well in the market.Being the scriptwriter too Debjyoti has always tried to give a fresh perspective to the brand which has really worked well for the brand and its elevated sales in the marketplace is a testimony to the fact.


His family never restricted and bound him to set rules and regulations. His first tryst with the entertainment industry happened at the age of 11 when he got the chance to do a voice over for a project directed by Paul Saltzman and Deepa Mehta on a Rajasthani boy’s life. During the initial phase of his career, he was into marketing but deep within he cherished the idea of making movies. This prompted him to join the media industry & over the last 20 years, his has developed a special bond with the industry. Moreover, he is proud to proclaim that his experience of working extensively in different places in the country has helped him to widen his horizons and helped him see value in commitment, dedication, punctuality, loyalty and hard work.
Thanks to the encouragement from all his seniors and co workers throughout his tenure as a professional, he always views his work not as a mere task to be completed but as a chance to learn and project the good of the company. His openness to learn new things helped him to grapple with aspects of the work he is not professionally trained in. His ability to interact with people has helped him deal with personalities ranging from professionals, creative people to couriers and electricians. Diplomacy is his forté and together with his co directors and an enthusiastic bunch of colleagues working with him, he is geared up at COLORBURST ENTERTAINMENT to increase their area of operation both in India & abroad.